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DXN Nigeria

DXN Nigeria

Choose a healthy life, choose DXN Nigeria ganoderma products

DXN Nigeria website

Welcome to the world of unlimited opportunities!


Welcome to My Website! I’m  Ildikó Nagy! I’m a double-diamond in DXN.

DXN, the 15th largest MLM company in the world, is trying to open markets in as many countries on the African continent as possible to help people live healthier lives and start a business they can do without risk and earn income that is much better and they can have a richer life.

Fairest business system

MLM is the fairest business system that gives everyone the opportunity to achieve success, regardless of age, education, and financial position, that a traditional workplace or business cannot deliver.

A good MLM company gives you the opportunity to do business not only in your city, country, but all over the world. DXN offers you the opportunity to enter new consumers, buyers and business builders in 160 countries around the world if you have friends in another country or can reach people from other countries online. This is how we build our business from Europe, Hungary, which already has 33,000 members in 130 countries.

Opening DXN Nigeria

At the opening of every market, those who join at the beginning and under whom the markets of all countries are built are best off. Of course, this is also the hardest job as getting started is always harder.
We are also looking for leaders and entrepreneurs in Nigeria who see the great opportunity at DXN and who recognize in the marketing plan that this business can earn a lot.
The products are world class, the marketing plan pays well, the company is reliable for 27 years, and it is no coincidence that 9 million people have already chosen DXN.

Since the European market is opening towards other countries, we are looking for experienced network marketing leaders in the USA who could see the opportunity in the healthy Ganoderma coffee, and would be keen on to work with a company that has already proven for 26 years its high standards, stability and work ethic. DXN currently has over 9 million members worldwide, and the company assumes the 15th place in line with the top MLM companies.

In the next few years we project an increase of at least one million people in the European countries. Imagine, what comfort and good health will these business activities provide to so many families! I’m already part of them and if you join, I as a Double Diamond will do my best to support you and the members of your team in generating commissions by drinking our daily coffees! DXN Nigeria a goOd MLM.

DXN Nigeria in Lagosz

If you think this would be a good match to you, it can be your best decision of your life to join and get in touch with me. I think not only your health, but your wallet would also be happy about it!

The DXN company uses the „One World – One Market” concept. In my opinion, DXN – is the first and biggest market leader ganoderma company.


I’m sure MLM is the fairest business opportunity in the world.

But it is very important that you choose the right company if you do not want to lose your reputation and your money. DXN is the 15th largest MLM company in the world, with presence in 180 countries, over 9 million registered members and 26 years in the market. The key to rapid growth and success is excellent, affordable commodity products, including coffee being the 2nd most popular beverage in the world. Anyone who tastes DXN healthy coffee will never want to drink traditional coffee again.DXN has been very successful on every continent and has helped many people to secure their finances, giving millions to the world.

DXN Nigeria

The Nigerian market was launched in 2019, but the system and product supply have now become final so 2020 will be the year of DXN in Nigeria.The beautiful new office is in Lagos. Many consumers will join, but we are primarily looking for leaders who understand the magnitude of the opportunity and will be happy to be involved in laying the foundation, so as a leader they will earn the most money from Nigerian consumers.

Of course, not only in Nigeria, you can build a business, but you can use the Internet around the world.

The question is who will benefit the most from the opening of the huge Nigerian market and who will get the most algebraic rewards within a few years.

The only question is: who will benefit from it?

There is a lot of work ahead of managers, but there will be a very big bonus.

Check out the products, find out about the company, the marketing plan and the executives, and if you are interested, contact us, sign up for free, buy your first products to talk about.

Are you interested in changing your life for the better?

Get started with a free registration and then learn the next steps.

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Mo ni idaniloju MLM ni anfani iṣowo ti o dara julọ ni agbaye. Ṣugbọn o ṣe pataki pupọ pe ki o yan ile-iṣẹ ti o tọ ti o ko ba fẹ lati padanu orukọ rẹ ati owo rẹ. DXN jẹ ile-iṣẹ MLM mẹẹdogun mẹẹdogun julọ ni agbaye, pẹlu wiwa ni awọn orilẹ-ede 180, ju awọn ọmọ ẹgbẹ 9 million ti o forukọ silẹ ati ọdun 26 ni ọja. Bọtini si idagbasoke kiakia ati aṣeyọri jẹ o tayọ, awọn ọja ọja ti ifarada, pẹlu kọfi jije ohun mimu ti o jẹ olokiki julọ 2 ni agbaye. Ẹnikẹni ti o ba jẹ itọka DXN ti o ni ilera yoo ko fẹ lati mu kọfi ti aṣa lẹẹkansi.

DXN ti ṣaṣeyọri pupọ lori gbogbo kọnputa ati pe o ti ṣe iranlọwọ fun ọpọlọpọ eniyan lati ni aabo awọn inọnwo wọn, fifun miliọnu si agbaye.

Ti ṣe agbekalẹ ọja ọja Naijiria ni ọdun 2019, ṣugbọn eto ati ipese ọja ti di ikẹhin nitorina 2020 yoo jẹ ọdun DXN ni Nigeria. Ọpọlọpọ awọn alabara yoo darapọ mọ, ṣugbọn a n wa ni akọkọ fun awọn oludari ti o loye titobi ti aye naa ati yoo ni idunnu lati kopa ninu ṣiṣe ipilẹ, nitorinaa bi oludari kan wọn yoo gba owo julọ lati ọdọ oluipese onibara ti orilẹ-ede Naijiria.

Nitoribẹẹ, kii ṣe nikan ni Nigeria, o le kọ iṣowo kan, ṣugbọn o le lo Intanẹẹti kakiri agbaye.

Ibeere naa ni tani yoo ṣe anfani julọ lati ṣiṣi ti ọjà Nàìjíríà titobiju ati tani yoo gba awọn ere ti algebra julọ julọ laarin ọdun diẹ.

Ọpọlọpọ iṣẹ wa niwaju awọn alakoso, ṣugbọn ajeseku nla kan yoo wa.

Ṣayẹwo awọn ọja, wa nipa ile-iṣẹ, ero titaja ati awọn alaṣẹ, ati ti o ba nifẹ, kan si wa, forukọsilẹ fun ọfẹ, ra awọn ọja akọkọ rẹ lati sọrọ nipa.

Ṣe o nifẹ si iyipada igbesi aye rẹ dara julọ?

Bẹrẹ pẹlu iforukọsilẹ ọfẹ ati lẹhinna kọ awọn igbesẹ atẹle.

Iforukọsilẹ ọfẹ ni: