DXN USA – biggest and best ganoderma and ganodermacoffee MLM company in the world!

Welcome to My Website! I’m Nagy Gabor!

My DXN USA website is here: http://usa.dxnonlineteam.info/


My story started after 40 years of disease – all summer long allergies, choking, coughing – I found informations about the chance for treatment and healing without medicines!

After this I’ve  turned towards the world of dietary supplements and found the opportunity of my healing with leaving all my meds!

As an entrepreneur, I’ve sympathized with the acquisition of MLM type of income for a long while but the methods I’ve seen and experienced were extraneous to me all the time.

Although the products of the company were good for my health I was not interested in the business opportunity.

I have not been able to manipulate, mislead people, and invite them to buy expensive starter kits for join to a system which was full of built-in pressures and pitfalls.

I thought there were only few people who were able to reach real passive income with less investment of hard work.

In 2008, however, due to a serious health problem and the failure of our traditional business I met with a company whose products had helped my full recovery. After knowing the business model of the company I could solve my financial problems too!

After I got acquainted with DXN and the amazing effects of Ganoderma I use DXN products with fully satisfaction and pleasure. The ganoderma coffee, cocoa and tea had become  favorites for my whole family. Dietary supplements of DXN help me to tide over the whole summer without medical symptoms.

A lot of negative things that kept me off from MLM network building were not in evidence here at DXN. Thanks to theese I work with good and untroubled conscience and I got many new friends but no foes during this time.

DXN provided to me professional online tools and with the help of theese I could build an international network marketing business with using my computer at home over 17000 members in more than 100 countries. Nowadays I receive commissions after theese 17000 members’ consumptions!

Since the European market is opening now we are looking for leaders in all countries who could see the opportunity in the healthy Ganoderma coffee,  and a company that has been proven for 24 years already, it has 6 million members worldwide now, and that company assumes the 24th place amongst the top MLM companies.


In the next few years there will going to join at least one million people in Europe, and the incomes of this business activities would provide creature comforts for many European families! I’m already with them and if you’ll join us, we will do all our best for you and the members of your network to generate commissions to you with their each coffee consuming!

If you are interested in, it might be your best decision of your life to join us. I think not only your health, but your wallet would be happy about it too!

You can join us here:



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